Things are on the move and at the time, this issue would be published, there will be another event that all of us are waiting eagerly: the publication of the Almanac. We have the bitter experience in the connection with the printing-house and I hope this experience will be of use to us in the future.

The issue of 28-th number is going to be the most capacious in the history of "The Idiot". I hope that the quality of the contents has not fallen down in the corresponding proportion. The authors of the main works, published in the 28-th issue - V. Senkov, I.Vysotsky and V.Martov are known very well to our readers and they are the best, I suppose, that we could found in Vitebsk so far.

The short story "The Agony", written by V. Senkov some years ago was the only one, that we could not publish at that time by some reason. Now we take an opportunity to show you the last brick (and the least one, I suspect), to see the wall, Senkov as the short story writer has build, utterly, without the hole.

Igor Vysotsky feels fine in the poetry, but not so perfectly in prose. To take practice before the writing of his main prosaic work, we have informed you already, I.Vysotsky have written the novel "Faura's Heart" which we perform you in this issue.

I am glad to introduce the last work of Vladimir Martov, named as "The Estrangement" by which he continues to study the life and himself, and successfully.

There are two new names in the issue: Nina Obuschova and Alla Shurda. The Obuschova's verses are ordinary enough and only the aspiration to collect new names and the weak hope to see this young girl's grow somehow in the future made us to publish them.

On the contrary, the short story of Alla Shurda will impress you deeply (although I suppose this success is casual and you are to give the editor his due for he had unearthed this original story from under the others and made some changes in it).

There is one new name more on our pages not as a author but as a chief of a new heading of "Idiot", Alexander Vyrvich. He is to lead "Computer review". We hope that this debut will have a continuation.

The issue begins with the verses of Sergey Kolbanov, one of our young but hopeful author.

So, my dear reader, if you are ready, start with him.

7-th of March, 1994
Slava Novikov

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